New music – LINN / Da Verde

There is more piano versions at instagram


New music – Let the words unfold- LINN

Free- LINN
Virtual reality
Waiting for the rain
Cover version of Remember us this way- Lady Gaga

New music -hope you like it I am also at instagram

Busy night

Up for the nightshift again getting in tune with recording a new song I been writing lately, so it’s finally up at instagram. I hope you Love it if you swing by, @l_helgaasen . As well as getting to it with my new script I feel it’s getting busy here in the studio to be. … Fortsätt läsa ”Busy night”

Happy weekend

finally weekend again after a hectic week full of have to do things it seems like we have a bit of time to actually do something real. SO what do I do? I am up the nightshift after having had a little nap, to continue writing my new novella story, it’s just around the corner … Fortsätt läsa ”Happy weekend”

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