New music – LINN

New music – Let the words unfold- LINN

Free- LINN
Virtual reality
Waiting for the rain
Cover version of Remember us this way- Lady Gaga

New music -hope you like it I am also at instagram

Godmorning sunshine

Morning again I just love mornings. I love to sit and write in the mornings and I am Bert excited to have started to write my first novella / short story in english. I know We might need a bit of editing….. hahahaha but hopefully i’m getting better as it goes, that’s the idea anyway. … Fortsätt läsa ”Godmorning sunshine”

Good morning

Started the day with a smile today – early mornings are great for writing I think, and I am getting to it with the third manuscript in the trilogy I am writing. So a coffee, sumer sunshine, calm morning house, fresh mind might get things started. Have to get a mechanic to come here to … Fortsätt läsa ”Good morning”

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