New music – LINN

New music – Let the words unfold- LINN

Free- LINN
Virtual reality
Waiting for the rain
Cover version of Remember us this way- Lady Gaga

New music -hope you like it I am also at instagram


I been spending the days researching a bit about how I want to make the house with new bathroom and wallpapers, it’s a lot of work to be done. So I was writing lists for every room to try and get a good overlook for the progress and to sharpen the ideas and get the … Fortsätt läsa ”Research”

What to say?

Being off grid for a while really have set my standars. I guess it’s good to get real at times being kind of comfortable in everyday luxury that is kind of normal in relation to realize how much to actually aprichiate electricity and running water. So renovating has defiantly been coming with a spectra of … Fortsätt läsa ”What to say?”

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