New music – LINN

New music – Let the words unfold- LINN

Free- LINN
Virtual reality
Waiting for the rain
Cover version of Remember us this way- Lady Gaga

New music -hope you like it I am also at instagram

New year

A week since new year. I been letting it melt a bit with how I wanted to make my goals for the new year, if I should write them even, I guess it’s a good way to make things happen a bit more with having clear goals written. So I am thinking about what goals … Fortsätt läsa New year


This year 2020 I was having big aims for about a year ago! I was just in the after party of writing my first manuscript 2019 ‘Loyalty for ever’ and started to write the second manuscript with a clear spinn off of exactly that, 2020 . Being the highscore year with 20 points out of … Fortsätt läsa Checkpoint

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