Happily ever after

Reflecting over things achieved in the year 2019, to make a good list for the year coming with setting goals, checking boxes and kind of setting the road to come.

I wrote the manuscript ‘Loyalty for ever’ in that year, 2019, that was one of the set goals and a big achievement and a long lasting goal so I am so happy to find that in the box of 2019, at the end of the year. And I have to say that I look forward to continue the story about the sisters this year 2020. So the goal about a trilogy about ‘Unifying species’ and the adventures with the sisters; might be getting there.

Years ago I had for a study or goal or New Years resolution or something to become a better human being and that kind of stuck with me a bit for a long time after. Today like years away since I even thought about it I can honestly say that it made a big difference to me to reflect over that. How to become a better human being, I mean everybody kind of doing the way they think is the best way, other ways one changes to a better being, right? It makes more sense today than then I think, but it became a ground to being me. And I can really tell how it affected me and how I choose to be, in so many ways. It made me a lot of who I am today and drew a path of being nice if that make sense. So the power of a New Years resolution can sometimes be bigger than even thought and a change can start in so many ways and have a lot of impact in many ways. That whole thing made me kind I have to say, as conclusion.

So maybe to expand and continue the stories as a trilogy this year is on top of the list and get to that line where they all live happily ever after, that would be an amazing feeling.


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