Daylight this time of year, here in Stockholm, is so refreshing so I went to the far out beaches for a walk today. It was pure luxury. It was so peaceful and nice out with only the swans and breeze making movements in the scenery. Very photograph inspiring with all reality almost like pictures in a fram views everywhere, anyway. So beautiful. It’s only about timing to get out there I guess, at the right hours, at the right place, at the right day, I should definitely focus a bit more on things like that more often, felt so nice to warm up in the car when driving from there. Makes a good differens to think in a nice place swell.

After that the snow to town….

Looking forward to a new week after all the Hollidays. A bit more work to do and a bit more structure to my work writing. I should post more pictures to my stories maybe so have to figure out that and just keep going I guess.

So yeah while waiting for the sunlight to get longer hours and the days to get warmer I am happy to see the snow brighten things up a bit more out here in Sweden.


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