Spent a bit of the day walking in the forrest, obviously keeping up with certain resolutions…. (applause please). It was so nice and refreshing, saw real animal footprints (I’m used more to concrete grounds living in the city) so it was kind of exotic to see, amazing what creatures that can be out there even though in Sweden. I was kind of happy to get back to town again after all I have to say.

It was so calm in the forrest so all my fantasy set in, kind of unreal with the settings I just went straight to it building castles and towns up to the sky, very inspiring. So that makes me all set with inspiration for a good work session tonight with my new manuscript. Science fiction at the most, so the conclusion has got to be; the bush is great but preferably with a touch of cyber space to go with it.

In more comfortable elements in need of Starbucks


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