I used to write about the market of trading, I love CFD trading and I have to say that Brent oil has been my favorite for a long time. Since I decided to write about more common things, since there is more to my life than Brent oil, or I would sincerely wish that there was more to my life than that, the big thing is then what to focus on writing then. Yeah I am somebody that is writing and writing and wanting and wanting and aiming and doing and a person that enjoy the longing somehow and creating the way there I guess. Sometimes I wonder is there actually more to us than the conspiracies that surround us or the conspiracies that should surround us to get us a bit smarter? I am trying to se above all that to just have a clear picture of reality I guess. But being a person that is writing Science fiction mixed with adventure stories and fiction in general, there is a lot of power to go with the undefined reality.

So I guess I am trying to puzzle the pieces together, mostly in my stories but also in general with ordinary day topics and doings, whilst hanging out here in Stockholm I am mostly waiting for something to happen I guess, while trying to create something to happen, expand somethings that works in my universe at the moment and in my directions. And whist waiting, I am being kind of happy.


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