Being a creative human being is sometimes kind of a project, for me most of it comes down to time. It’s all these earthly things that goes around in the normal days that makes the days where it actually is possible to let that force out, is very special days. Saving up for those days can then sometimes be even more of a project, to keep the ideas in mind until there is enough spare time to let it out. And for me anyway it’s very out of schedule, it’s just by feeling

So that’s why I think a creative house a bit away would work so good for us, to get in phase with creativity and connect the being there with the force kind of thing. I have this picture in my mind of a big sign of an arrow in a Happy house, with the roadsign pointing forward towards happiness unlimited.

So that’s the picture I have in mind and I guess there is somethings left behind from that picture, and I avoid to look backwards standing infront of my roadsign at this point. Somethings just have to become, ‘been’ and left at that happy memories. Just as a picture that is painted, is already painted.


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