When I started to write the Loyalty for ever manuscript I was a bit unsure about if to write in Swedish or English. So I had heard somewhere that it’s good to write in the native speaking language so I decided to write in Swedish. Although we are bilingual and do speak English with a daughter that’s sometimes more English than Swedish it was a bit tricky to decide, since the way to express is actually different regarding to what language we are in.

So anyway, the loyalty for ever is written in Swedish but with very English mixed within maybe, specially since the story is set in England by the sea mostly and Stockholm. So after much thought I decided to rewrite the script to an English version, I felt a bit tempted and led in that way so that’s what I am working with at the moment.

It’s been a while since I wrote it and it’s kind of exiting to go through and step it up a bit with rewriting it and I decided to find professional readers to work with me through the story aswell so that’s how I think I am progressing with that, so I guess full steam forward.


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