Special day

Today is a very special day, it’s leap day. Spending the day mostly writing and just doing general things, I know could be more exiting things to do a day like this, but I am happy to spend the day this way, a bit cuddled up trying to write my stories. With the Corona situation I feel happy to be able to spend the day mostly at home. Maybe over cautious about it, but better safe than sorry for this one I think.

We continued the babyboom with one more set of kitty cats kittens, so that’s a bit special for today. Welcome to the world. And they look absolutely stunning.

Updating the flat /apartment a bit so I sold some items and furnitures to bring some new ones in for a bit more spring feeling I guess. I want to paint the floor so I thought it would be easier to do so if things a bit cleared away too. So we shall have to wait and see if we get the floors painted. might bring somebody in to do it.

Other than that waiting for the spring to come again and writing away to try and keep my new timeframe for the new manuscript. So hopefully we keep that aligned.


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