Today I spent most of the day wondering if we been shopping enough long-lasting foods to be enough for the hole corona thing or if we should be out for a bit of topping it up shopping if it’s becoming intense. We went shopping for dry foods and tins and stuff the other day, and today I saw in the news that the shops been really busy with people safety shopping for just that. So we might swell go a bit more to make sure we are safe.

I am trying to continue writing as much as I can, I started this project in about August I think, and was so stuck for the story for a long time, just about now I had a bit of more easy going flow with getting it to work so hopefully it works out well. When I think about it it was almost exactly the same time frame as last year, so a copy of that strategy and it should be all right. the differens is then, I was working a lot and writing almost every day after work regardless of time almost, this one I am more real and have more time right now anyway to set the story, get inspiration, make it happen, have the time to sit and write a lot more. And frankly, I just wish it’ll work out fine, and sometimes it’s actually more of a wish than anything else getting me to continue. Stubborn I guess.


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