Pretty sorted

Today we went for it with preparing, I mean like totally. I just have to have the house full for the secure feeling if we would rather be in the house for some weeks / months IF corona would get intense in this town. So if we had been shopping a bit for comfortably being in the house before, now it’s absolutely packed. Feels good. Safer too. So it’s been girls gone wild a bit today prepping pretty good I’d say. People were like staring at us with like so many packs of long-lasting milks, and a fortune later I’m thinking about if we need more milk. I rather have it all packed to the unlimited amounts with people staring a bit when checking out than in any other way, anyway.

Just got back packed everything, introduced a rule to shower after been out to since I heard it takes off the germs with warmth. And since I bought like a shelf load of shampoo, should be more than enough to last us for sometime, that might be great even for security. I know it’s a bit freaked but better safe than sorry.


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