Quarantine list

Here comes a little list of things that I want to do and things to do for when #staying at home, to be safe from Corona. And you may get inspired by it as well, enjoy the good times

Write, I love to write. I used to write everywhere back in the days (!) paperbits, tissues from restaurants, little notepads, receipts, normal printed papers around where it was without print, business cards, kind of everywhere. All sorts of things. little stories and poems. I bet my boss was wondering a bit why I was getting so much things done at work… So that’s my number one; Write. I am writing as much as I can at the moment and I think my new manuscript will be ready to go kind of soon. So that’s my number one thing to do; very suitable for #stayingat home. Write

Music. I love music, all sorts of music and I would love to get out for a night at the opera, and I used to be in a band singing writing music, that was more of a punk band, so I am defiantly with the whole spectra of music and enjoy music in all forms. I write music with guitar or the piano, at the moment with the guitar. With new happiness I realized that I could comfortably do the guitar again, since I usually go fix my nails kind of nice but…kind of long…. now with staying at home, I kind of need to go fix my nails, but that gives me the opportunity to be able to whipe the dust of my guitar. So #stayingathome defiantly came with some advantages. I have been longing to be able to have the time needed writing more music. So that I am very happy to get into again. On top of the list as well- Make more music

Clothings and designs. This subject is more what I have ideas for that I want to do that I need to research further and need to get up running and happen. I love to make clothes, and I used to sew and design some of my own items. It’s defiantly been a while, but that just mean I have even got more ideas that I want to do, that I feel that I need to make come true and to wear. So getting materials and things to be able to expand these design ideas has got to be one of the things on top of my list as well. Design and make more wearable items

Jewelry. I have also wanted to expand a jewelry making idea that I have been dreaming of for ages, that I needed to have more time to make come true. Time time time. So I have started to get the things needed, I started years ago, and I am looking forward to explore and expand this further with research and get this idea more to the table and up and running making room for this on my list for sure. Make and create

General ideas. Explore and research any new and existing business ideas towards my idea of creative economy, I love business bits and I try to be updated with the financial markets, I used to write about trading and economy and it’s one of my bigger interests where I enjoy to think of economy more as a creative concept for me. So that means to me, getting things on the roll with and explore and research, think creative and bring economy to the table. Up and running basically with good business ideas

Painting. I love to paint and make art. I am a creative spirit and it’s more of an urge to me sometimes all of these things than anything else. So if having spare time I would love to get my visions of art up and running again and it’s nice to have pictures created. I also enjoy photography and that is something that I could very much get into again, and maybe explore the art of it with combinations o photography mixed with painting and art, mixed media kind of, so that is something I could defiantly get into with a bit more spare time. So I want to be able to create art

So these are some of my ideas, I have more…. about how to un-waste time in the Corona castle of mine, I picture it more like a ‘faradays cage’ keeping us safe within, and yes, I do need to clean up the dishes as well…..


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