Great idea

We are all friends – continues. Write in the comments to find new friends to hang out with write your contacts and maybe a bit about yourself to find each other and be there for each other during #isolation and in general you can also message me by contacts or instagram @lhelgaasen

I am obviously trying to do something for everybody while the world is a bit chaotic. I saw somebody in the news yesterday that was doing an amazing thing for his city and it was such a great idea so I thought I’d inspire somebody with that, he was a taxi driver, so

The taxis defiantly been stuck a bit during this Corona situation, and a taxi driver decided to drive the hospital staff to work, such a nice idea, (maybe that could become payed for from the city?) So I saw a nurse in a chat somewhere saying she avoid the public transport and I thought she could maybe use somebody’s bike that’s in isolation anyway. So the need is obvious. And after working like crazy hours maybe they could be getting a ride to / from work.

I was also reading about somebody having to use public transports to get to work and I thought if I’d have a bike she could use it. So I thought a bike lending group, when so many people #selfisolate and isolate to be safe from Corona there should be many bikes that could come to use out there

I think it would be so nice to be able to do something and contribute as well. I’d start voluntary or a Facebook group but I am in #selfisolation (to help by being a bit out of the way) but I can come up with good ideas to make it easier for somebody else

So that would be doing a good thing to contribute during the Corona chaos I think. If you want to use the ideas and organize it a bit better, please do, to make your city a better place during this Corona situation


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