I should have maybe started with a set date for when we started the isolation but it kind of got more and more into it, I think it’s well over a month now I would say. So it’s been weeks since I was out even. I spent a bit of time at the balcony and have gotten all things needed with delivery. I been cleaning the flat for a bit of exercise. And maybe spent more hours horizontally than I ever thought I would

I guess I am kind of used to being a bit like this anyway, since I am an aspiring author I sometimes sit in the walk in closet for like intense weeks of writing, concentrating to get everything alined in my story. So I think at this moment the timing was perfect with my writing, so I could just be at that stage in the process to sit down and super write during #selfisolation

So after I would guess more that about month in total isolation, I waved to some deliveries through the window and said hello to a neighbor many metres away all safe in the patio area, but that’s about all since isolation started, I realized it’s actually very doable. I gotten more things done during these weeks than I thought I would, and I am very happy with that, I am also happy to be able to say I really did my bits of unsocial to ease up the situation for the people that have to be out there. For sure, after all this I’ll probably have a list of things I’d like to do, kind of in freedom again although I am very happy to find that this situation does work until then

So what’s on yours to do lists for after the Corona?


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