Today we went for a car ride out to the countryside and the far out beaches. So nice to get out for a bit. Since we have been doing the total isolation for weeks it was first time out like real out for over a month I would say. We were super precautious with gloves and facemarks and keep distance as much as possible. Super showered when we got home and only had like peel of foods when we were out that we peeled of the packaging with gloves, I mean like super super precautious. I even swept the floors with bleach where we had our shoes when we got back in, then we decided for shoes to be in the patio area for some days until they should be bug free outside. So we were as safe as can be I would say

We went out to the nature had walk along the beaches saw like a couple of people with distance. And it was so nice to get out for a bit. So I think we might try and get some of that in our #socialdistance #isolation routine a couple of days a week so that our shoes get bug free until we are out again, and the other days we can be activated with household works at home to be up and moving around a bit. So I think that’s a good way to do it

Since I found so much inspiration of letting my creativity flow freely time wise lately I found so nice little bits of tree and stones and seashells to bring back home. I have a project in mind, and I have collected items for it for a long time in various locations, so I am thinking to go for it after the new manuscript is good to go when I can focus a bit more on just that for a while.

I have started to write the script after this one. Since it’s a trilogy I am having in mind, that kind of make sense to the story. It’s kind of a big deal for me since the first manuscript in the trilogy was my first script in total from the beginning to the end. So I had been writing a lot of things, mini scripts, a theater, and small stories poems, lyrics, and beginnings to more longer book scripts that got like half way through. But with my first real script it was a super special feeling when it could send it of to the literary agencies and publishers.

Now I have had more to write about, I feel, and more time to do so, and the timing has been in my way as well with the #isolation. I was writing like crazy hours with the first script, after working almost snooz writing to get it good to go. So this time around I been more focused to actually sit down to write and making time to do so. I was waisting a bit of time dealing with some things for some months so a bit out of the line, that did maybe get me more focused on what to write after all anyway. Sometimes it’s good to square things out of the way to release more room kind of. So it has been a real ride with this one I have to say, but I think we are getting there. So at the moment I have the time to only write, something I been dreaming about to do like for ever, so I am very happy to be able to try it out during this isolation, super great

So I might as well sit down right now to get it a bit closer coming to the edge


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