Trend spotting

Being in #selfisolation trying to see the trends coming is maybe more digital than ever. I thought getting out a bit from the city yesterday and be a bit more in the real was amazing. I got so happy. So I think you, as well as me, have thought about getting a sumer house or a house in the countryside especially during this #isolation maybe. We could have been fixing the garden, riding all the day if we had horses, feeding chickens, jumping rabbits, yeah all sort of things in #isolation at home if being in the countryside. But I have to say #isolation in the flat has been, and is, amazing, I love my apartment.

Anyhow, I think the cottages and sumer houses are going to be very popular this year. More people being in their own countries for the sumer Hollidays coming and with borders closed as well as having like a nice little get away for when things can get a bit hectic in the cities and with the thought of a mother Corona wave. I think the market for cottages and houses is going to blossom and be in full bloom this year. Especially the small houses/ cottages preferably near bigger cities. And I think more people have valued their work and time in another way during the Corona, so maybe they came to realize that they actually can work from home, and that it’s really nice spending time at home with just the family, but would be nice with a garden. Prepping food or maybe even get a few chickens for egg, get real garden tomatoes can be done in the countryside maybe in a flat even though it would have to be a real crisis if bringing chickens home to the balcony I guess. Hahahaha. Anyhow I think we are going to have another perspective after all this, a bit back to basic but in an upgraded style, in a way. So my trend spotting is that many families are going to consider moving to the countrysides if they can. And I think many people will do so.

Another thing that comes in with this trend spotting is also the available houses coming to the market. I think the housing market is going in for a ride, more of a castling move. A bit of re-generation thing. So maybe there will be more houses coming to the market from a bit of the elderly generations, and the flat / apartment people from cities, especially with children move to houses, and then there’s going to be maybe even more flats available in the cities. So maybe the outcome would be cheaper flats / apartments in the cities. And then again there might also be the potential buyers that might need to find better work and so on that often might be living in the cities, since the more established and stabil incomers that could buy the bigger more expensive apartments in the cities might then be moved to the countryside.

So yeah the conclusion is; maybe, flats/ apartments might be getting a bit of a price reductions in the outcome of the Corona times while cottages and houses in the countryside might be getting a bit of an upside


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