I am so happy to have a balcony these days. I spent a significant time of the day out at the balcony, it’s glassed in so it’s a bit as a sunroom or conservatory, so it was nice out there today. I was fixing the furnitures and getting it a bit nicer, making room for some tomatoes and veggies for the sumer. I decided to only have eatable things in the flat and thought about what fruits and veggies that are easy to have and gives a lot of fruits. It would be so nice to grab something fresh from the balcony to cook

While doing that and enjoying a bit of spring I was listening to great music and trying to record a new song again, have to be back with that, and sorting out the flat and grabbing the mop for a guitar and microphone singing along, my nabours across the street might have had a laugh. I re-found a band that I think is absolutely great ( Dishwalla / J.R Richards ) so that really got me started cleaning almost the whole flat

So yeah, feeling great about the day, and I’m just sitting down to get the ‘night shift’ started and get into it continuing writing my new book manuscript, I enjoy when it’s getting late nights writing, all cuddled up with blankets and pillows and with total focus just to write away. The story is really getting there and I am sooooo looking forward to those lines where it all comes together at the edge. Since it’s a trilogy I have started the story after but I am so exited to get more into that story as well so I am trying to write as much as possible to get this one good to go. So that has been a lot of hard work I would say but getting to see the light at the end of the tunnel

Other than that I am just enjoying Monday I guess, looking forward to another week getting creative in #isolation


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