Today I spent the day wasting a bit of time I have to say. We decided to drive to the beach again for a while in the evening. I was longing to sit down and write more and continue recording my new songs but that has to wait until another day, in the meantime we can listen to a new song I did with video cam last week I think,’ Counting Cars’, at my instagram @lhelgaasen

Being in #isolation sometimes is kind of busy I realized, it’s a lot to do anyway, but I feel so good to be able to have this time to work my things through.

I have been waiting to get stamps for letters for ages, so I have continued to write a really long letter to a friend. At the moment I am like days from getting it to the mailbox since I felt I hade to have the stamps in isolation since bleach or chlorine wiping would be wet for them, but some days in quarantine should be fine as well. I been writing the letter since February and I realized how much things has turned since I started to write. Anyway I am looking forward to getting it to the mailbox and begin with a new one more up to date, it’s almost a half book letter. So that would maybe be entertaining for somebody in isolation to get a super long letter. And maybe even a good idea for somebody else, write a real letter for somebody, I think it’s a nice thing to do for when everybody needs a bit of thoughts and good spirit especially these days.

So that may be a bit of a trend starter during #isolation; write more real letters for people that need a thought and a smile from you


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