Stockholm archipelago

Today most of the Stockholm ‘herd’ had been getting in their cars for a traffic jam out in the archipelago islands, it seemed. We drove a bit out of town to be out for a bit and realized it was traffic kaos since there is bank holiday for the long weekend. Everybody seemed to be out getting away to their sumer houses, we were about an hour from city centre and it was packed with Stockholmers. So we got on the roads that was more open and had a walk around looking at horses further away from it all. It was such a nice day with total spring feelings. We thought about going to a shop a bit out of town but realized it was a lot of people shopping for the weekend and I think many people are looking to be staying more permanently in their sumer houses out there from after the weekend. So we decided to order groceries online, but we are pretty fully piled up since we were preparing for months of isolation so I think we’ll be fine. But I think it’s good to maybe shop while things are in the shops anyway, rather than waste from our cabinets when it’s maybe needed later in the Corona curve. So I have continued to grocery shop about once a week for what we need anyway.

When we got back to the flat I just cuddled up in the sofa and been doing normal things like a tv session, cleaning a bit, wasting time… I have to say. And that’s when it sets in… hahahaha. I was up installing a printer and printing a really. really long letter for a friend last night, so great to be super technological, and blonde hahahaha, but it worked out after some hours, great. It’s a great idea I think to write real letters in days like these just for making somebody a bit happier in the isolation if they are in one, maybe for grannies and elderly people or just friends as well. I mean everybody gets really happy for a real letter, I think. So when I finally got to it with my ‘nightshift’ continuing to write my new manuscript it was kind of morning… So I thought to write a bit more today instead. But I really enjoy those late nigh writing sessions, it makes such a big differens to how my manuscript is coming along right now.

So that was the day in general. I thought to get more pictures posted, but my phone have been held in quarantine, all wrapped up in a rubberglove, since it was handed in for service about a week ago, so just for supersafety I thought to isolate the phone for a while to be super safe. But we released it today, we should really celebrate, hahahaha, I cleaned it with sanitizer and it’s good to go for more pictures again. Happy. So hopefully there’ll be more nice weather to picture in the days coming. There is picture of a supercute isolation for phone, daughter made it, pics at my Instagram where you can also listen to my Corona song ’counting cars’ @l_helgaasen


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