The Herd (Swedish Corona style) part 1

So I decided to write a bit of a depiction being one of *the herd* members here in Sweden during the Corona situation. Or maybe rather one of the people that chosen to look at it from a bit of distance being safe in total #selfisolation

On the way to the car park I wore super gloves and face mask, I had my hood wrapped tightly around my face to avoid any, I mean any, little bugs around me, and any form of matter closer than metres away from me preferably, so I walked at the grass metres away from the pavement, have to remember having my shoes in quarantine for some days out at the patio, I thought to myself

I went fast through the little roads towards the garage about 500 metres from my flat, fast, that I usually do to be in good times to get through town well for rush hour. I went really fast towards the escape stairways, safest way in and out of the garage. Were most people get the main entrance, should be safer. I put a note in my mind about what part of the gloves that touched the door when I opened it.

People were happy walking around smiling in the spring warmth, getting their new spring shoes out for a walk in one of the first real spring days this year. Stockholm. 2020, the high score year. This was the year to be 20 points out of 20. Sometimes it’s great to be adjustable, I thought. Children were biking around laughing. People were enjoying the day out just the 500 metres to my garage it was so many people out.

Out of all those people I saw one man with a high protective face mask. Everybody else was just normal, happy, people were kind of staring and talking about him a bit, or looking at their feet, when he went by. Then they continued their first spring day out in town. As if everything was just a normal day. Witch it kind of in a surreal way was, it was in so many ways just a normal spring day.

The spring flowers were up and in full bloom, daffodils, and all sorts of flowers yellows and blues everywhere. I felt relieved when I had got through the garage and sat down in my car, getting the gloves off before getting in, turning off the AC taking off the facemask to drive out of the garage to avoid any flying bugs getting in the car.

When I got to the highway I could ease a bit. Music. Radio… News… I turned down the volume. The Swedish way I guess. A perfect day out driving to the sea. The only thing that got me reminded of reality was when the news app push noted that it was so many (a number) new infected in Sweden today. In Swedish style I had my phone in the pocket for the rest of the day out.

In the countryside, people were out as normal raising their hands in a friendly wave when a car drove by. On the way back to Stockholm City I read the news again, I can read the news 50 times per day I think, I just have to be updated, in that way I am more international I guess, any normal swede would be affected by my need of being updated and I think only so many swedes read the news and especially international news where things can be seen in a broader perspective. In a way isolation kind of suits me great in that way. I can read the news a lot and being a bit away from being affected by the Swedish style I guess

So I think most people want to just get on with it here in Sweden, be happy rather than care, it’s living for the day, like we were all dragonflies with what happens happens and whatever that means. A group of people stared at me when I got my veterinary friend to get my cats in through the window to avoid the entrance being as distanced as we could, both of us in total protective outfits. High fashion these days. I was happy to hear the big fashion houses started to make facemasks. The crowd was talking about us, I think they were laughing a bit, it felt a bit like being back at school again. They stood there with their new hair extensions and eyelashes kind of superstyled, just staring at me. With super outfit Corona style deluxe. Well I am rather well in a couple of weeks than with new extensions I thought to myself, trying to feel good about my choices.

On the way home, the city was full of people just avoiding all forms of pandemic hysteria I guess. Preferably to have a chill day with friends. I got home, super warm showered. I washed my online ordered groceries in bleach or chlorine, after they had been out in my patio area for almost a week in quarantine. I mean better safe than sorry.

Saw the news online, the Swedish main papers, where they said the strategy of holding people out of the way, and people getting to restrictions very well, seem to be successful enough to have brought the curves to a top plateau kind of thing, OMG i thought to myself, kind of saying that the plateau in Swedish corona situation was reached, and the hospitals had a lot of room to go. How great we had all handled the situation. Everybody had been doing so much… Great I thought to myself. I started to read the international Corona numbers, where it yesterday, I think, was the high score numbers of new cases for the situation, as well as top noted people gone in the day.

To be continued…


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