Flat day

Today we are just upgrading the flat /apartment a bit, washing, cleaning, normal things like that I guess. See if there is any room for grabbing the guitar for a bit maybe otherwise just listening to great music organizing the flat is fine, and I also have a set goal for writing today so I have to make room for that as well.

For me I think this #isolation really works wonders, getting a lot of things done. About checking out town for the Stockholm herd experiment I was writing about in previous days, the news today here in Sweden said that the tube and busses and also trains around the country are very affected and that about every second train is cancelled or something and being very empty. So it may be, I really have no idea about this since I would avoid the tube totally and have done for a very long time anyway. So yeah it looked like it was a lot of people out around the tube stations, my flat is just opposite the lines, so what I write is maybe an opinion or view from my perspective, very un-based on scientifics or statistics or news. It’s just my view being a person in Stockholm. So the fact the news referred to was about 40% down with the commuters due to Corona. Something like that. And that may be true since maybe all the Stockholm herd was out queuing in the archipelago roads yesterday. Fact is though, it’s a lot of people in this town that in general are without car and even drivings licenses, it’s very common. It’s very high fees for going on the roads during rush hour and they just extended the rush hours and payments from it to get the traffic down in busy areas. So transportation services is a big business here in Stockholm. There is a great app that’s very popular, and it’s a bit like Uber for garbage and easy drives. So if you want something delivered quick and easy and also for throwing garbage, you just get to the app and somebody comes to grab the garbage and recyclings from your place. I think it’s super great. And very popular since it’s a lot of work getting things to the recycling centers. I bet they have been super busy with helping people in quarantine to grab things from the shops and go little errands. I used them for grabbing all sorts of things, go get candy, go get cat supplies, getting postoffice things, super great for when we were only in the flat for some weeks and it’s usually respons within minutes, and done when you’d want it to, within some hours. Great thing.

So yeah just organizing the flat and doing things in general this day hope you enjoy your day as well


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