Today we had some errands around the country to do. So we started to drive into city centre, and it was very quiet with people maybe about thirty per cent of a normal day is my guess, but then again it’s holiday and most people get back to town to work from tomorrow. And tourists that would usually walk around in those areas of town are obviously somewhere else for now. So yeah, it was very few people out in some places like at the more touristy places that we drove by. At the more Swedish places it was more people.

After that we drove kind of far out to the middle of the countryside, between Stockholm and Malmö. People were staring a lot since we wore face masks and gloves and as much protection as we could but in the car we were normal. I had been reading that the people out in the country preferred the Stockholmers to stay in Stockholm to avoid bringing the bugs around. So we were super precautious and trying to respect their opinion to be nice as well with as much protection as we could.

It was a really nice day out, with the spring coming around the corner and a lot longer days. We have been in the flat so much to even notice the days been getting longer, for sure bringing the spring feelings.

So after driving about 700 kilometers we just got back to town. We super showered and left the shoes out in the patio for a bit quarantine as well with jackets and things. So yeah I think we been as precautious we can be and we had a great day out in the country.


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