Been a bit quiet here at the blog for a couple of days. We are out for a drive around the country for a little get a way. Super late last night we checked in to a hotel in Jönköping on the way back to Stockholm again so we are just packing up from Jönköping to get going soon again.

We were like super precautious and had brought beddings and sleeping bags so that we could be in the car if we needed to, but we sometimes come to this hotel and it’s great. But for super safety we asked for a room that had been empty for a while and they had one that had been empty for some weeks, so that was excellent. Then we were super precautious and had blankets on top of the beds ond then had our own pillows and things. So we been as safe as we could think of I think.

Soon we are on the way back to Stockholm, it’s some hours drive so that’s nice for the day and tonight it’s Valborg celebration here in Sweden, we are just gonna be at home I think. It was like frosty and even snowed a little yesterday so I think we just are in for the evening. We had thought about going to a beach for a barbecue but we have to wait and see about that. There is usually bon fires arranged around at Valborg and it’s a nice thing to welcome the spring or something I think the tradition was to start with.

So yeah, we are looking forward to enjoying the bank holiday weekend and hope that you are having a great time as well


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