Enjoying the weekend as much as we can, rain, rain, rain, here in Stockholm. Kind of refreshing though, even went for a long walk around. So just been catching up with teve shows and trying to record a new version of a song I was writing years and years ago. I had promo with instagram with my music so thought I should be more on top of it with posting new music as well. Really happy with the lady gaga Cover version of remember us this way that I recorded, so better make a bit more and continue to figure out the recording program

In total need of a bit of flow to writing my stories at the moment. Gosh gosh gosh. So I have continued to write the story after since it seem to come a bit easier to me.

So mostly just trying to clean the flat a bit, getting into detox, netfixing, tv shows, hanging out, recording music, trying to write, having a great time too; I love weekends


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