Today I spent the day helping a friend getting some items delivered, then going for a nice hiking walk in the bush. It’s like ultra bush where we sometimes go, we saw footprints from wild boar, elks, all sorts of weird prints. I have to say I love walking in the bush but maybe prefer the concrete at times…

Been working my thoughts around a song that I am trying to write, I kind of have the concept and the idea so clear, I just need to figure out how to make it happen so that’s at the top of my priority list at the moment

Just now I am continuing recording a song I started to write years from now. In a way it’s so well fitting with some of those songs I was working on back then, since it’s pieces just coming together in modern times. As well as I have been getting in directions I can see how the music is doing so as well from then to now, it’s like a road. I like dusting those songs off and bringing them back on the table, since I kind of have been through it all after things I was writing about back then, I now know how the solution and the story went, so it’s kind of a solution project with those songs. like having the keys now- to what I wondered back then. The hindsight.

So I guess I better be getting to it


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