Today I started to paint the floors in the flat, I been waiting and waiting and just somehow had a bit of spare energy so it happened. Very good choice I have to say. There is a total other feel when getting in to the room, it’s now white shiny floors, painted wood. So it really brought the feel of light coming in to the room. I was thinking to use the room for more creative purposes and need it to be very light and making the most of daylight and kind of neutral. So I decided to go for white notes, so it’s whites and light blushes, also a bit of brass and chromes, a bit of everything really and a beige sofa. So it should work for us with being a creative room as well as a bigger dining table and also just hanging out in the sofa with tv, kind of room. So the idea is kind of blush whites boosting daylight to get the most out of it and bringing in creativity, as much as possible. I am usually most creative during the day when it’s daylight so I hope it works.

While doing that we also got in to it with painting a bit of antique style furnitures to bring them back to business hahahaha. I really like mixing new and antiques and moderns and just enjoying everything around me. I think it brings good energies to a room if there is only things one choose and like. So maybe I post some pictures when it comes together.

So yeah, just tucked in infront of the tv, now figuring out what I need to know about home studio equipment to be able to gear up and get things going a bit more in the direction I want to music wise after the day spent painting.

We shall see if there is a bit of time to get something uploaded soon, hopefully.


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