Balcony stories III

The balcony project continues, bringing me a bit of joy and a good mixture of being indoors and outdoors. The summer nights are warm enough to be very comfy so it’s great, it’s very inspiring to have the world flowing by outdoors from the balcony in a more abstract way than indoors. and at night it’s very nice with the lights and all tucked in.

Today I been up since dawn I think writing and just enjoying the balcony, it’s great with those hours before the sunlight gets strong so I try to make as much writing done as I can during those hours. I feel so fresh in mind as well just in the mornings so I really like to write and be creative at that time of the day, maybe it’s like a clearer channel within somehow, refreshed after the night. So yeah I really like mornings.

The manuscript is getting there, really looking forward to that, and I am inspired to get going with the story after, so that’s kind of getting me through it right now. It’s just mostly just hours spent to ‘bank in the time’ and editing and make it work in the story lines. So most of my rather wildly imaginations are waiting to edit this until ‘good to go’ and to get more wild again when writing the story after. So that is something I really looking forward to.

So yeah, seem like it’s becoming a rainy morning here in Stockholm, that’s great, since I can spend more time at the balcony then in normal warmth. So yeah better get to it and get that script all squared away.


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