This day I spent the morning writing away, really getting there with the new script and I am so, so eager to find out how the plot comes together hahahaha. With that being said haven’t had any time to waste lately cleaning the flat so that’s probably to be prioritized a bit more after the script is good to go.

Soon the balcony room needs a bit more warmth during the night’s, it was such a great idea to make it as a writing den and it was just what I needed to get things going in the right directions.

Have a bit more music to record in my mind that I am sooooo looking forward to having enough time to do more of that. Started to write a new one yesterday and I am aiming for it to be completed sometime soon. So the creative bits of me are running wild a bit at the moment, that I am very happy for.

So while searching the housing markets to get inspired, I just dream away to the beach most of the time I guess hahahahaha. I just find it so endearing and nice walking along the beaches preferably in Southend, figuring out how the story goes and comes together. Cant wait to get there soon again.


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