Started the day with writing out at the balcony, the best thing ever moving the bedroom out at the balcony hopefully it works with warming it up a bit longer after the summer aswell. Gets the creativity going for me.

Making more of the homestudio I decided to go for a bit more equipment to make it more pro sounding, hopefully. So yesterday I was testing pianos and starting to figure things out a bit more towards that.

Other than that I decided to go total Vegan for a while testing it out, doing vegetarian off and on for ages but I decided to go for the hardcore Vegan if works for me. So I am looking forward to Explore that a bit.

Also getting to it trying to figure out how we are going to do things for the after summertimes. Getting to sollutions that may work for us structuring things up a bit more. Guess wll be back with that subject, for now I am just enjoying the summer for as long as possible.


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