Camera day

Trying to be creative throughout with everything back to business after the summer, and maybe I been getting my projects up and running enough to get them going, hopefully, and I am putting more time towards that so I am trying to keep up.

To make better music videos I got a camera that I am figuring out how to use so that’s great, and it’s also great to just get a microphone to it for when recording live music or unplugged music. So that I am really looking forward to getting into with time. Also trying to build up the stories for my music videos that I want to make so it’s a bit from demo to more pro. That goes through to the actual music, so I am trying to expand the home studio in that same direction. So that is something I am prioritizing.

I was completing the the second story in my trilogy ‘unifying species’ it’s a bit more work to cut and paste all the chapters in order and so to make it all good to go, but the story is pretty much good to go as it goes. So that is something I am super happy about.

That said I decided to bush up the first script in the serie to make it fit better and also starting to write more frequently towards the script after. So I am super exited about that.

So it seems like I have gotten a lot of things to spend my time doing, and I am so looking forward to make it happen.


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