Been a while

Today I been trying to catch up with everything for the new week coming. Last week was very busy but super great, feels great to be back again after the summer I even made room for a writers den in the back of the car to be able to sit and write anywhere. So that was a great idea for getting a bit out of the way to be able to get into it a bit more.

Also got into it at the night shift (!) making more music, great that creativity comes at any time, works super with my schedule as well. hahahaha. So I recorded a song I been waiting to get the feel for, for a while, and it’s almost good to go, have to do the vocals better at the day time since we have neighbours and it’s a really nice to be able to just freely let it out, vocal wise, sometimes without thinking about the neighbors so I save that for a day. It should be posted here and at instagram and soundcloud kind of soon.

Other than that mostly looking forward to a new week starting again.


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