I love Yellow

Today I spent most of the day writing away after a nightshift trying to recording a bit of music. Had made a writers den with folded seats in the backtrunk so it works great to sit back there tucked in and writing away a bit out of the way from it all.

Have to be back with getting the vocals to the new song since it was the nightshift with neighbors so it’s just the vocals to be recorded then good to go looking forward to see how it turns out, I decided to try out a new concept of mine with instagram friendly version of songs that is more compact so more of compressed versions of the songs too it’s a bit easier to listen to while at instagram, so excited to see the respons

Daughter was setting up a nail salon for the kids around the hood so I was the test costumer to start it all and it was great, so with canary yellow nails now I am ready for the nightshift again. Love it.


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