Since transformed the back of the car into an writers den I seem to have been getting a bit more done, so that was a really good trick. I been driving to nice places trying to get into it all with a nice view, so been by the sea most of the time looking at the boats floating away.

New music coming soon !!!!!!

Been recording a bit more music that should be good to post pretty soon, so that to come, as well thought about getting into it a bit more with the more production, to advance with the home studio and make it more pro. So that is an aim I think. But then again it’s a bit of a project and maybe the leads and cables are a bit out of my sphere somehow but I would like to be able to let it all sound just the way I want so I guess it’s about knowledge getting there, but what I would really like to get into is more of the real music scene so that is something I would want to explore more, especially after the corona with more live music. But then again there might be a good time to find gaps in the market and create new scenes and ways to be in the music scene, that is new pop up branches kind of, instead of the live gigs, (but then again the music industry might be up and running soon anyway with gigs and everything to go, that would be awesome ) But with a bit of fantasy there might be opportunities for good ideas I’m thinking and trying to find new ways

So I better get to it recording away anyway so that there is good base material for it to develop somehow


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