After the summer it’s been nice to be back a bit more to routine I think. Been doing the jetlag timezone for a while and feels refreshing to be more adjusted to it all. Although I have to say it’s supervise with weekends again. Although having like weekend all the time was super great, it’ a bit of contrast to it with real weekends again, I love it.

So i am looking forward to a new week trying to getting the script altogether, and good to go. Decided to be ultra good with deleting and fixing the text this time around, hopefully it makes a differens, although the feel is honestly just to post it straightaway. But I am trying to do better.

Feels great with the weather coming, I was sitting at the back of the car trying to write yesterday looking out at the sea, waiting for the windy seas to sweep up over the rocks and rain rain rain and sit in the back of the car all cuddled up with a warming drink and writing my stories. So that’s a bit how I pictured myself from when I was little was well, I used to think of myself at the top of a light house far far out at sea at a rocky island. Storming seas sweating over the rocks splashing over the island and in the lighthouse with candles I was sitting writing my stories. So maybe there is a bit of autumn storms coming so I can try it out for real a bit.

Other than that trying to be up for a new week with lots of energy and trying to be positive and get myself up a few steps refueling during the weekend, hopefully it works and lasts for the week since it’s a lot of energy needed at the moment it seems. But we have an exciting weekend coming so I am looking forward to this week and I am super eager to get away to sit at the back of the car by the sea writing waiting for the autumn storms so that’s how I am going to spend most of the week I think.

So i am feeling great for a new week coming.


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