A hectic week

Been looking forward to this weekend for the week I think, back to normalities again with ordinary days = so great with weekends sometimes.

Managed to get a lot of things done this week though so that is great and even more to do during the weekend I guess.

I am so excited to get into more music soon I have to figure out more of the technical bits to record things the way I want to and become a bit more professional so I am looking forward to expand all of that as much as I can really.

Other than that – been pretty busy with Henry the puppy and make everything work around having a puppy. So that was awesome to get him, best thing ever, we are so happy 🙂 Since we love to travel usually, we now been at home so much so we thought to get a puppy to have something to do instead of traveling, so that was a great thing to get instead of traveling I think and if we like to travel more again at some point we can just bring him, he is kind of a mini so he is great to bring with when traveling. Super cute.

Been getting into it a bit more with photography, that I love, so I had to figure out a bit ‘how to’ technical things about that, but we had a session with good pics so that was awesome. So more pictures at the blog then maybe.

The plug?

So yeah summer seem to be a bit far away at the moment, but I really like the autumn as well especially with the camera now and with all turning leaves.

A bit of pictures from the swimmingpool with aspiring model daughter this picture kind of worked both ways I thought for fun

So this way or 180 degrees round to the sunny side up?

Anyway, I hope you have a fantastic weekend with lots of inspiring and happy things to do.


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