Going Vegan

I decided a while back to go vegan for a while to try it out. After being off and on vegetarian for ever and being total vegetarian for years I decided to try it out. So being totally plant based is almost like traveling so far, I love it. It’s all these new foods and things to try out, very similar to being in another country going to the supermarket trying out all the new stuff to eat. So the idea was to try it out for a month or something to see if it was any good. And I loved it.

So since I mostly eat raw ish foods anyway, and try to buy organic as well as un processed it kind of fits my way and I feel really happy about it.

So yeah I think I’ll continue the vegan lifestyle and I found great inspiration at instagram for new ways of thinking regarding food. I think it’s so great to focus more to what is good for us and works with our beings and wellbeings rather than focusing just to what looks good and style and other body ideals ( being happy doing that is great too). But going vegan has made me very happy in many other ways and made me feel good about myself, more consciousness, and focusing more to feeling good and be better, I feel, so I think I’ll continue to explore that subject.


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