Weekend mornings are so great I think. So I got up just after dawn and went on a walk with Henry the pup (he is a bit bigger now so he can actually go for a long walk). Realized that our calming morning walk was being thought of to a lot of others as well so we met more dogs during the weekend morning walk than Henry has met before. Super happy pup! So that was a bit unforeseen but great for Henry who got to meet lots of dogs to run around with. So happy Henry is having a nap in the sofa eager for a weekend morning walk again.

I just cuddled up in bed again (on the balcony) to continue editing a bit of the story I am writing and also getting to it with a new song I am recording this weekend.

Decided to make more room in the apartment more permanently so I decided to insulate the balcony a bit more to keep having it as a bedroom throughout the year. So hopefully it works, it was warmer out at the balcony than in the actual apartment this night when I was trying it out, although being in Sweden it kind of depends on how warm the winters going to be I guess, it’s above freezing so I might have to insulate it even more and get more heating sources as well when it turns. But it works for now and it’s great being out there its a bit like a sunroom or green house or something so I love it.

Anyways enjoy the weekend!


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