With the school in holiday for the week coming we decided to be a bit unsocial again. I really like a bit of isolation to be honost, I am trying to get my new script all edited and good to go so that’s being a bit unsocial anyway.

being in the unsocial timezone I woke up at the sofa in the middle of the night, so nice with flexible hours I think, I really like to just let the times happen as it comes. So it’s the night shift out at the balcony trying to get the script all good to go. Love it.

Sounds maybe freezing with the balcony I realized but the fact is that it’s glassed in and I put a good heater and isolated it a bit, bought even more isolation so it’s a bit of a project to get it all nice, but it works and it works great, I use it as a bedroom and it’s so nice to be a bit out of the way from it all (kind of needed when trying to write and concentrate). So I love my bedroom at the balcony. I’ll try and make pictures when the project with doing a bit of floors and moving some furnitures around.


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