Been spending the day shopping around a bit, since a lockdown or a bit of isolation seem to be coming the way here, as most places these days, we decided to grab the day by the balls and get some shopping done.

So after getting new nails, a bit of home decorations, a bit of clothes and a bit of everything needed really, we are being a bit in the more unsocial timezone again. Self isolation as much as we can I think.

I am really comfortable out at the balcony as my bedroom, and it’s great for the light is getting there a bit more, (it’s like a sunroom / conservatory ) think it’s so nice anyway to be able to be a bit more creative, as the light brings to me the energy needed to be so.

That said, room for the music studio was created in the flat. So I am super happy to get that project started and most of all super happy to be able to make more music, so excited. New songs coming pretty soon.

After getting the puppy (Henry) we have been out a lot more and I think it really does make a difference, love it, so especially being more in the isolation mode I am so so happy that we bought him so we get to be out a bit more.

So yeah after moving furnitures around a bit and getting things for the flat to entertain us, I am up for being a bit more #athome for a while.


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