Today we were trying to buy a radiator for the balcony (I was literary spending the night with socks and hats to be warm enough) (the balcony also being my bedroom).

So with the new restrictions, about isolation, we had to get out shopping a bit for radiators and stock up the flat a bit. So we decided to spend the day shopping for necessities while being out anyway. So the flat is kind of packed with toilet papers and things like that, all good to go for if there would be a major lockdown.

After the day out and about I was so surprised there was only about, roughly counted, 5% wearing facemasks, and so many people out just like any normal day I would say. I wonder if they were even reading the news with the restrictions, well anyway, we decided to be as much as possible isolated from now and wore face masks when in shops keeping distance as well. In the news it’s a lot about people traveling for the autumn Hollidays (there is a week of Hollidays in Sweden ) so it’s a busy weekend here so we are being a bit out of the way for that.

So I guess for Christmas wishes it’s mostly pyjamas outfits and warm socks this year. I am mostly looking forward to be cuddled up at the balcony (hopefully warm enough) and getting to it with my writings and making more music so being #athome for a bit might be kind of good


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