November – Vegan month

Vegan month is here. I am Vegan regardless of month but I think it’s extra nice with Vegan month anyway. It’s a great thing to do, try it out for a month, I found it almost like traveling becoming Vegan, it was great to go food shopping discovering new products almost like being in a noter country in the grocery stores. (so that’s a great tip even for if being in Corona isolation or just in general being a bit more at home, if you like traveling – like me, It bring a bit of that feeling trying out new foods) And there is a lot of great Vegan products, and with more people buying, there might be even more Vegan friendly products coming as well, so I think it’s a growing market.

So yeah, I really like being Vegan – it feels great. I think it’s really good for the body and also feels good for the animals as well as the climate with a friendly lifestyle.

So I am very happy with my choices and I think Vegan month is a great thing to just try it out and get a bit more inspiration if so just having Vegan menu for a day a week or if going for it totally.


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