This time around with being more #athome we are a bit more prepared. Being in Sweden there is recommendations to be #athome so we are basically just that, been out a bit but avoiding shoppingcentres and things like that. Although having a puppy this time around makes a big differens and gets us out a lot more than during the spring where we barely dared to sit out at the balcony. And just being a bit more used to the situation I guess has made it more like ‘as usual’ being at home as well.

So the days are filled with joy with Henry, the puppy, and normal things, I am trying to write everyday and make progress to my stories as well as make more music and things like that. Since the new piano just been packed up I am just super happy spending most time at home anyway getting into it with the piano, so that and walking the puppy is kind of keeping us entertained.

Also been getting into a lot of new things and routines, I think more than I would normally have done, so I think all this time at home have brought a lot of time to sit back and actually think about things and learning and getting into it with a more clear view and more time to waste I guess. I really like to have all this time to get to clear perspectives and I think walking the puppy is a thing that really brings that up and being without the time pressure we consider normal, I think is really good for us, for me it seem to be anyway. So I tend to walk the pup a lot, and decompress I guess, and I realize it was such a great idea getting puppy.



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