Sunday morning

Waiting for the dawn to get seen I guess, being out at the balcony trying to write. It’s just so super cozy (so happy to have made the balcony into my bedroom) and being in a busy part of Stockholm it’s just so nice during the nightshift out at the balcony, I think.

So yeah, we are obviously in the corona timezone. Just letting the hours come comfortably as they want to. I really like it that way, with flexible timezones and I guess somewhat ‘jet lagged’ at times. I have been up and out with the dog most mornings watching the city awake in the dawn, this week. Amazing. And I seem to think that any Corona germs should be better during that time of the day rather than when everybody have been swirling things around at the evening. So the mornings been really good here lately.

Musicwise I been busy with the piano getting into it since it’s been a while since I had a piano. Practice, practice, practice. It’s great, I absolutely love my piano and I am super happy with it. Love the sound of it. Love to write more music with it.

So I guess that’s a bit about Sundays again, I just love Sundays.


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