Acoustic piano

Being a bit more at home has for sure made me very happy to have the piano. So waisting time, instead of cleaning the appartment I guess, infront of the piano, and being out with the puppy, most of the days I think. I am so so so so trying to write my book manuscript in total edited version and I am so so so so trying to find time and the right feeling to be able to actually do it. Sometimes it’s just like that when writing, it comes in waves. And I am so, so, so, so looking forward to continue the book script I am trying to write after, so I just have to fix it to get there. So I am trying to write a bit every day, a bit of progress is a something forward some days it’s thousands of words, so I guess any forward is what counts for me.

So the night shift again here in Stockholm. Love it. The balcony letting the sounds of the wind getting through giving a great feel to being all tucked in trying to write. So grabbing a coffee and continuing to try I guess at some point it has to be total and getting there anyway, and I am having a great time trying listening to the autumn winds.

Also been making more acoustic piano versions of some of my songs. It’s been like total pajama sessions, where it’s been like up straight to the piano so I guess as real as it gets, really have to make some nicer photos as well to get a bit more balanced flow to it. but I t5hink it’s a bit nice with the PJ Sessions anyway, I mean with many people being just at home in pj’s so does it even get more real than that at the moment? I guess it’s part of being real in the world right now. So anyway, getting into it with the piano and acoustic versions at the moment.

you can see the videos at my instagram @l_helgaasen

just posted a version of Free- the studio version is to be found here at the start page.

Hope you like it and Enjoy the new week coming!


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