Vegan month

I hope you as well as me are enjoy the vegan month, you can start try it out at anytime though, for the rest of the month maybe. I am vegan regardless of month and I found it very fun to become one. Since I love to travel, and when I am out traveling I enjoy to go to the grocery stores trying out what locals eat, I realized becoming vegan was a bit like traveling. So many new products to taste and find favorites. Love it. So that might be something to get into when being #athome for when needing something to do, there is super good inspiration at instagram for vegan dishes and bakings and discoverings.

Today I been doing pretty much non of what I should I guess, feels like wasting time, but I wonder what I then been doing and I realized non of that either so I guess it’s just been a day trying to get to it. Been trying to get to sit down and actually write, sat down with the piano for a while trying to have some time there. Have to tidy up the apartment, about wasting time, so I guess trying to do that as well for a bit. And I guess trying to unwaste time. hahahaha. Trying to detox a bit, I guess it’s great since it’s supposed to be kind of calm around when detoxing, and it seem to work well with my trying to do something that make sense anyway. I even been trying to have a spare moment to watch telli.

So just now I am trying to get in the mode for a bit of writing, all tucked in out at the balcony listening to the rain. It’s just so cosy, absolutely love it!


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