I have been trying to get out walking the puppy for an hour every day in the mornings for about a month back, it’s great! Avoiding the crowds and being at home makes it a bit more productive for the day I think. So this morning we were far out at the Stockholm archipelago at the beaches walking around, it was so refreshing.

After that I just been trying to write and trying to do this and that, wasting time trying to clean the apartment. We avoid pretty much everything again being as much #athome as possible, I would love to be able to just be at home like we were during the spring session (like totally) , but it seem to be a bit more open and business as usual around town, and with the schools open and shops and pretty much everything being normal, we are just following the restrictions. And we rarely meet people anyway (think restrictions are for 8 people) and we decided to go groceryshopping more like once a week and we do wear face masks. Very few people wear facemasks here in Stockholm I would say about, I am guessing, five per cent, so it’s kind of just business as usual here. There is more restrictions starting this weekend I think, so maybe that get’s people to start wearing facemasks.

Other than that I am just trying to figure out the lyrics and a concept for a new song I am writing and loving to have the piano and making more piano versions of my recorded songs. You can listen to them at instagram (@l_helgaasen).

To make things happen I decided to start to decorate the apartment for the holidays. We rarely do Christmas since we prefer to travel for the holidays, that brings the nontraditional us to do a more traditional Christmas. That we look forward to, since we really have no idea how we want to do Christmas. So we decided to do international fusion Christmas with more of a celebration for the New Years that is more of a noticeable day to celebrate.

Christmas holidays check list:

Swedish Christmas 24 December with traditional Donald Duck cartoons and Vegan Swedish ham dinner.

25 December traditional English Vegan Christmas with chimney socks.

Christmas tree and lots of christmas lights ASAP

Gifts for the kittens and puppy (and us) but save most of them until New Years (so we decided to do the most gift things for New Years)

We are better with celebrating New Years (its my absolute favorite day of the year) so the New Years we been doing at home we usually bake somethings like cookies and cakes to stay up the night (my daughter and I).

So that’s my absolut best inspiration for doing the holidays this year. I used to work the holidays until I had my daughter, and I know there is so many people feeling so lonely during that time of year, even without self isolations, I hope it feels a bit better for everybody with the restrictions being a great excuse to having ‘the lonely holidays’. (And maybe there is great deals in the local hotels for staycations in local towns). I have to say making new traditions with traveling a bit made that time of year feel so much better, after a few holidays in a row (we usually go to London and then the English seaside towns)(but I am sure any town works), it was so appealing I was even longing for getting abroad for the holidays, ‘christmas walking’ the beaches in other cities, so nice and friendly people greeting each other, ‘merry christmas’. Then bringing a shitload of local christmas foods from the grocery shops (since many restaurants are closed during christmas) all exiting stuff to try out back at the hotels, feeling really happy, so nice and friendly and spoiling one self a lot. I can super recommend traveling for christmas (after the pandemic), regardless of reason. The quiet seaside towns and villages are awesome for that I think.


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