Vegan month

A week to go with the vegan month November, great to try it out going Vegan for the week maybe. There was a calculator describing how much things saved by days or weeks being vegan. So it was ridiculous amounts of water and natural resources and probably a couple of cows as well. Got to find a link for it and calculate and try it out.

So with the friendly living thing in mind I started to get the holidays in decorating the apartment. Decided to make an Aloe Vera christmas tree to save the resources and just going for more of a New Years feeling since I really like New Years.

We also been starting to wonder about what we want to do after the pandemic, so maybe a bucket list for that. I think we both are really eager to get traveling as we enjoy doing so, first thing would probably be a get away for England where we usually go. So we decided to do fusion christmas (since we prefer to travel than to celebrate) so it’s kind of new traditions. We are doing the Swedish version for the 24th traditionally and international normal English for the 25th. But I think, to be honost, I prefer to continue with the after corona bucket list. There is so many things I would like to do and so many places I would like to see.

I guess until then I continue to make more music and write my stories, I am so happy to be able to be more #athome so that I have the time to get things going a bit more with things I love to do.


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