Balcony stories continues

Weekend again, with the holidays getting closer, Black Friday, pandemic, walking the dog, getting things done. There is a lot going on I realized!

New Years getting closer, I love New Years, and I usually have goals for the year coming, instead of resolutions. I think it’s great to even make a checklist for what wanting to achieve. SO I have been started to think in terms of goals for the year coming, both longer terms goals and more achievable ones.

We have decided to make the New Years more of the thing than christmas, we been traveling for christmas as tradition and decided to go for a more fusion christmas and do the presents and celebrate more for the New Years since we just enjoy that day so much. And then we have things to do for the evening when waiting for the year turning as well.

The balcony is working great for a bedroom / out of the way room. I am trying to get my script all good to go with editing and fixing the story the finishing details. So it’s hard work I have to say, at the moment it kind of goes on and on for ever it seems! I bet it’s about fivehundred pages book when done so it’s a bit to deal with for sure. But it feels great to see it coming together and hopefully done soon. Looking forward to that I have to say, mostly since I am so eager to get the story after more started (I started it and just need to get it going). So that is what I should be up to for these couple weeks til the holidays.

So being out at the balcony room to make the stories work is the way it happens I guess!


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