Doing the self isolation here in Stockholm, feels kind of normal since I would have been mostly just at home anyway trying to make it for my new manuscript. Just going through the finishing details and organizing the story as good as I can to be able to get to that point where a point is a point. So yeah trying to be in for the bigger picture more than just the perfectionists details, or both as much as I can, so just leading it towards that at the moment super unsocial but great when it’s all good to go!

Dreaming away to Southend. I think that be the place to go first thing after this Corona situation is out of the way. Should really make a bucket list for everything dreaming to do.

Also thinking about what to do for the sumer so that might get the travel urge a bit more settled. And I can really recommend going vegan for a while if you miss traveling, finding new foods in the shops to cook is a bit like traveling, I love it!

So yeah I am also thinking about the goals that I want to have for the new year making it more structured with clear set goals and things to achieve in the new year so I am looking forward to spending a bit more time with that and continuing the script coming after this one, I think that’s what drives me at the moment!

So yeah I guess be back with more specifics about New Years goals soon


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