#athome holidays

The holidays are getting closer, feels great to be able to spend the holidays at home actually. I have gotten to terms with it maybe…. I used to think christmas was a heavy weight for me, so I used to work for those days and it was a good thing to avoid it all. Then we started to travel for christmas, being without any direct christmas traditions it was great to make new ones. So now we been traveling for christmases it feels fine to just be at home again, my daughter has ordered a normal traditional Swedish christmas this year. So that’s what we are doing. Food wise, with her being a bit picky coming to Swedish traditional christmas food, and me being super Vegan and extremely picky with what I eat, we found a Vegan rice porridge pudding thing (!) that we thought we both could eat. hahahaha. So I guess we are searching the web for alternative foods! But I found the best Vegan substitute for sill, witch is an inlay of mushrooms instead of fish. so that will be the thing for doing Swedish christmas I think.

In Sweden we usually do kind of Smörgåsbord / julbord for christmas with Buffet style dishes. It’s great, something for everybody to like!

We decided to go for more of a New Years thing with a bit of christmas shopping (the shops are still open in Sweden although recommended to maybe order things online) so we are doing more of the gifts for New Years since we are a bit slow with ordering things from the web unclear if things get here in time. So any way we are looking forward to the whole thing anyway.

Bucket list for christmas /things to do if bored for the holidays

walk the beaches and bushes

internet shopping (christmas sales)


ultra clean the house

sort clothes and things to charity make more room

eat Svill

continue to write the new script

make more music

find a new interest (I bought jewelry making things, and I also have sewing machines that I bought years ago waiting to get time to do something that I really like doing)

brush up the French language by language apps. (maybe even finding a real one online to talk to, but I am shy so app might be better)

maybe learn a new language

think about a business wanting to start

I realized that there is so many things I want to do! I am lucky to be able to be #athome just doing what I enjoy and want to do!


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