Superfood / my Vegan story

Since I was going Vegan a while back I have been getting more and more into the nutrition aspect of it all, about how to eat better to feel better and remain better. (detox, ph-balanced food, clean lifestyle, raw food, I have to say all of it )

I really like the project and it’s great for being at home with a bit of something to get into. Since I became Vegan (I was vegetarian for a while befor that, off and on for ever I think ) So I have to say, it really has changed a lot of things for the better, it’s more of a lifestyle I think, I Love it!

I was reading a lot about getting better physically from being a bit more knowledgable with what we eat and how food can affect our bodies physically, and that got me reading.

The Vegan thing started with my daughter who said she had heard that chickens gets their ‘trunk’ cut off for them to get along in the chicken houses. I think I was just eating an egg at that time, and I just felt so shitty about it, even if it would been untrue, I just really felt revolting. So there and then I just became Vegan. Even though I am kind of easy going with most things it just felt so revolting to me. So I became Vegan.

Being Vegan has brought another perspective to the table, how I eat and why I eat. Because I have to say it has brought me knowledge about what the body needs and why and how I can balance things with food. I want to be nice to my body. So living kindly is a part of it even for me and the, feeling better physically, is a big thing as well with making sure to remain well and fit too. So it brought a lot of other things around as well with being more physically active and aware, for the better.

Becoming Vegan was a good time, it was super good to try out all the new foods and try out everything. Even though I am getting more and more into the base ingredients avoiding the prefabricated things, it was great trying them out and getting inspired to cook. It was almost like traveling.

So yeah, I think the main thing for me about it is was that it feels good. It feels good to be living kindly and it feels good to feel better for myself and aim for the better in many perspectives. But mostly, it just feels good to say ‘ I’m Vegan’.


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